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                                                                               A Forest Dark

                                                                             - A Description -

                                                                                 J.A. Waldin

                                                        Midway upon the journey of our life
                                                        I found myself within a forest dark,
                                                        For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

Philip Hyde wants to be a poet. Despite it being an unpopular choice with his family, things are looking good — until he is diagnosed with a mood disorder. Unable, or unwilling to accept the diagnosis, his mind becomes overrun by illness, transforming the sensitive young man into something else …

                                                        Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say
                                                        What was this forest savage, rough, and stern,
                                                        Which in the very thought renews the fear.

When nothing seems to help, pushed to the brink, he blends Mindfulness Meditation with modern western medicine as a potent tool of healing.

                                                        So bitter is it, death is little more;
                                                        But of the good to treat, which there I found,
                                                        Speak will I of the other things I saw there.

In that place, he discovers what that illness has to teach him about himself, and the very nature of the mind.

                                                        I cannot well repeat how there I entered,
                                                        So full was I of slumber at the moment …

A meditation on the power of one's own mind to heal. A Forest Dark is a bildungsroman of unique importance.

                                                        [… and Virgilius said:]

                                                        Therefore I think and judge it for thy best
                                                        Thou follow me, and I will be thy guide.

                                                                                                                — Dante Alighieri, Inferno