J. A. Waldin was born to a Hungarian mother and an Estonian father. He began his professional life in the world of science.  At an early age, he was awarded lab space at the Princess Margret Hospital, Toronto, to conduct independent oncology research, and he won a position with CTL Immunotherapies Corp. in Los Angeles, working on immunotherapy for breast cancer. Later, he worked for a forensics firm.

He was won over by his passion for letters. Harnessing the 'new wave' in publishing, he independently published his first novel, A Forest Dark.  Hired to help produce his first novel, was Margret Trudeau’s and Jean ChrĂ©tien's editor.

When not writing you might find him indulging his other passion: sailing.

He currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Much ado about ink, pens, letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, stories; and an absurd love of the semicolon.